PACE was formed in 1996 by the parents of Jake Beck, Morgan Fahey and Sophie Beglinger. All three children were diagnosed with seizure disorders at a very young age. While their histories were each very different, their journeys toward a better life are similar. Their journeys have taken them on roads from traditional to alternative medicine, neurology and epileptology, to naturolpathic and homeopathic remedies, from faith healers and Chinese medicine, to surgery and aromatherapy. While leaving no stone unturned, these very special families found each other along the way and formed PACE. It is their hope that PACE will raise funds to push toward the cure of epilepsy and to provide information and support to families along the way.Today many families around the Country have joined Epilepsytalk. They share joyful achievements, concerns of the illness, and constructive criticism of treatments, doctors and institutions. Come join Epilepsytalk, learn and share your experiences, get help and help others.

Log On… Join Epilepsytalk and discuss your concerns with parents who have joined together from around the country to listen and share their own experiences about their children. Let PACE help you!